About Us

Aesthetic Up is managed by a great team of widely experienced specialists devoted to beauty, and puts first-class technology at the service of health.

– Integral plastic and aesthetic surgery service (laser, medical and surgical procedures).
– Personalized service.
– Convenient prices.
– In-company staff and highly-reputed specialized physicians.
– High-complexity equipment and cutting-edge technology.
– Exclusive laboratory of its own.
– Panoramic x-rays, tele-x-rays and CT scan.
– Treatment to patients from the interior of the country and abroad.
– Special offers and payment plans.
– Comfortable facilities.
– Operating tables fitted with first-class equipment for safe surgeries.
– Comfortable rooms for patients and caretakers furnished with monitoring, oxygen and aspiration equipment.
– Waiting rooms with comfortable armchairs, cable TV and WI-FI Internet.
– Air-conditioning and excellent service.

Our Clinics in Argentina

Aesthetic Up Group is the result of the union of high-tech health centers engaged in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery supported by over 25 years of experience, where excellence and professionalism stand out. We are at the service of people all over the world who are willing to travel to Argentina for the aesthetic treatments they have always dreamed of.

The use of technology as a daily tool for technique improvement has turned Aesthetic Up Group into a reference center receiving visits and consultations from both physicians and patients around the globe.

This technology has made it possible for many plastic surgeries to become ambulatory. Aesthetic Up features operating tables fitted with cutting-edge equipment to ensure safe practices, comfortable rooms for patients and caretakers furnished with monitoring, oxygen and aspiration equipment, and a staff of specialists devoted to high-ranking beauty.

Aesthetic Up Group is an Argentine company whose founders manage the following health center:

Clinica Robles

Plastic Surgery and Laser Center
Directed by Marcelo Robles, Medical Director.