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Clínica Robles - Argentina -Robles Clinic

Buttocks Implants Injections - Gluteoplasty - Plastic Surgery

What is Robles Clinic?

Since 1983, “Clínica Robles”, Plastic Surgery, has been outstanding due to its excellence in medical matters and the seriousness of its work. Dr. Robles, a well-known physician around the world, it engages in the study and development of new techniques to improve different specialties. Using technology as a daily tool to improve its techniques, it became a reference for both physicians and patients visiting or consulting with us from all over the world.

Such technology permitted that many plastic surgeries be made ambulatory and, in Clínica Robles, you will find two operating rooms prepared with the latest technology to perform safe surgeries and to provide comfortable rooms for the patient and one escort equipped with monitoring, oxygen and aspiration systems, stable staff and a group of high-ranking specialized physicians.

Clínica Robles: Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Private Clinic.
  • 6 security and confortable suites with cable and wifi access to internet.
  • 2 OR that counts with last generation equipment for surgical procedures.
  • 3 individual room for nursing and outpatient care.
  • 2 Consultation rooms.
  • 3 Examination rooms.
  • Laser center with: Candela laser, Ktp laser, Nd-Yag Laser, Co2 Laser, Erb-yag Laser, IPL, Ultrasound equipmeny, LPG

Photo Galery of Clinica Robles

Clinica Robles Clinica Robles Clinica Robles Clinica Robles Clinica Robles
Clinica Robles Clinica Robles Clinica Robles Clinica Robles Clinica Robles
Clinica Robles Clinica Robles Clinica Robles Clinica Robles  


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Buttocks Implants

photo before Buttocks Implants Gluteoplasty
photo after Buttocks Implants Gluteoplasty

Plastic Surgery


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Our Dental Clinic:
Dental House - Argentina

Clinica Dental House - Dental Surgery - Dentristy

Our Plastic Surgery Clinic:
Clínica Robles - Argentina

Clinica Robles - Plastic Surgery and Laser Center

Destination: Argentina

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