Why does cellulite appear?

The bulging appearance of cellulite is due to an abnormal storage in the cutaneous and subcutaneous connective tissue. The problem, which is typically related to women, consists in the storage of fat in adipocytes (hypodermis adipose cells) and water (dermis and hipodermis).

As adipocytes grow, the membranes surrounding them are deformed and pull their cutaneous fixation points, which generates the appearance of bumps. At this stage, the main problem is that the process keeps going on automatically due to the blood circulation obstruction as a result of the storage of toxins, poor nutrition, congestion of connective gel that loses elasticity and the appearance of fibrosis. This process, with very anti-aesthetic results, turns cellulitic areas into inert and abandoned areas that do not react to physical exercise or to drastic diets.

Visible results

During the Endermologie LPG – Velashape – VacuumTeraphy sessions carried out once or twice a week for about 35 minutes, the patient carries a special garment. The remarkable and, in many cases, spectacular results of this therapy may be verified by taking measures and pictures before and after treatment.

Some patients can even reduce one or two sizes of their clothes! Changes occur in the areas mostly affected by cellulite and the volume is not reduced where it is not required, especially the face and breasts. In addition, thanks to its relaxing and tranquilizing action, Endermologie LPG – Velashape – VacuumTeraphy acts positively against stress.