MESOTHERAPY (injections)

What is mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy has been used in Europe since the fifty’s this treatment has helped many women find a solution to reduce cellulite and localized fat without surgery.

Mesotherapy is used today for several patologies in plastic surgery we are using it to improve the results of a liposuction.

This treatment is done using injection of a mixture of fda approved medications vitamins and mineral into the mesoderm the layer of fat and connective tissue just under the patients skin.

Also used for body contouring on face and neck.

How does it work?

By introducing this medication into the patients body, the fat satarts to melt beneath the skin and to dissolve the cells found at deeper levels. Once the fat has been dissolved it will go into your bloodstream and eliminated through the kindneys.

How soon will I see results?

Depending on the area treated. some patients see results after the first session others take a while longer to be completely satisfied.

How long will this treatment be effective?

Patients cannot expect miracles or pretend to only achieve their goals by mesotherapy alone. they must stay on a healthy diet and continue to exercise. It’s like having a liposuction and starting to eat and drink at all times- these type of treatments do not change your metabolism. They are not a license to eat- if not complemented correctly the results achieved will be lost. Cellulite treatments carried out well may require maintenance treatments every six months to a year.

How is the procedure?

Mesotherapy is indicated for patients who need to dissolve certain amount of fat cells from their body- during this procedure, your doctor will use a very thin needle to make multiple injections in the chosen area to be treated.

Does it have any side effects?

No, in some cases patients might experiment swelling and localized bruising if this should occur your doctor will instruct you on what to do.

Mesotherapy does it replace liposuction?

No, it does not. Mesotherapy is an alternative treatment that can dissolve the fat cells in your body after a certain number of sessions- it is not a surgical procedure. If you need liposuction this, mesotherapy is not the way to go.
Consultation with your doctor will determine the treatment or surgery that you need- there is a limit in the quantity of injections that should be gives in a mesotherapy treatment.

Are the treatments painful?

Most patients say it feels as though you were pinched or stung by a bee.

How many sessions are required?

A total of four to five sessions for cellulite and four to six for localized fat.

How much do the sessions cost?

As all cosmetic treatments costs, vary from patient to patient.