Facial Lifting RF – Body Lifting RF

What is lifting rf?

It is a treatment done on facial and body areas that want restore the normal firmness of the skin. This treatment consist in using radiofrequency waves that travel into the first layer of the skin producing an amount of heat that will slowly penetrate the skin reaching it’s more deep layers and therefore restoring the dermis and hypodermis with new thickness and elasticity.

This procedure would not be possible if the skin was not previously cooled since it would damage the skin tremendously.

This rf equipment monitors the treated area at all times -(beginning during and after the session) regulating the right amount of temperature that the skin needs in order to prevent any harm- this is done by an inert gas which maintains the skin at it´s correct temperature level allowing the treatment to be highly successful.

How does it work?

Basically the procedure is done without any type of anesthesia. Due to the fact that the equipment uses the above mentioned gas which results in a crio analgesia in itself. It is also a non invasive procedure in which the patient only feels a cold/ hot sensation thru the process.

Does this replace other treatments?

No, on the contrary this treatment is optimized if complemented with others such as the use of peelings and microcrystals.

Does this replace a traditional face lift?

No it does not, this procedure is aimed in achieving turgencia of the skin (dermis & hipodermis) which result in a renewed and fresh look.

In a face lift you restore not only the skin you also restore muscles and tissue returning them to it’s original position.

Can it be used in other areas?

Yes. In all areas of the skin can be used.

The procedure

Takes between 20 to 50 minutes -consisting in 1 to 3 shots on the affected area- producing mild redness of the skin that fades in 24 hours. -it does not affect your ordinary life style or your daily routine. This treatment can be repeated after two month and results are visible in 3 month after the the first session.

During this period of time, the patient’s organism. Starts to produce new collagen in the treated area.

During the consult and after a proper examination by your plastic surgeon on the area to be treated, the dr. Will be able to determine if he or she applies to rf lifting or should be advised to go directly to the traditional surgical face lift.