Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal by Doctors, A Final Solution.

Here at Clínica Robles we have the advantage of having varied equipment available, all of which complies with every standard. This allows us to succeed where others have failed: we can eliminate black, red, blond and white hair.

Since 1983, our patients have been satisfied with our seriousness and professionalism. The specialized doctors from the Laser Center at Clínica Robles analyze each case individually so as to provide the best solution with the best results.

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The advantages of the IPL and Nd-YAG laser are:

  • These do not harm the skin.
  • They may be used anywhere in the body.
  • They can treat large areas in very short time.
  • Pain is fought with cryo-anesthesia.
  • They do not require anesthetics.
  • Good results may be achieved in very few sessions.

In those cases in which intense pulsed light hair removal proves ineffective, we have laser hair removal equipment that succeeds where others have failed.

Because all of this, the Laser Center at Clínica Robles provides a final solution in laser hair removal.

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What do we need to know about hair?

The rate at which hair grows depends on factors such as race, sex, hormones, medicine a person takes, etc, as well as the different stages of the growth cycle of hair (anagen, catagen and telogen phases).

Hair removal only treats hair in the anagen and catagen phases, the hair in telogen phase will come up several weeks later and will be treated on subsequent sessions.

How do Epitouch Alexandrite Laser and Medlite IV Laser technologies work?

These are high precision instruments which conduct the energy of the laser beam through the skin. This beam is attracted selectively by different hair colors, and heat is irradiated to the hair follicles. These are destroyed without modifying or damaging adjacent areas. In the case of the Epitouch Alexandrite the beam affects brown and black hair, while Medlite IV also affects blonde, white and reddish hair.

What does the Laser Assisted Hair Removal consists of?

This is a process which, using high technology lasers, gently treats unwanted hair to put an end to routine shaving and wax depilation. This new technology surpasses the old and annoying depilatory treatments with long lasting results.

The laser beams of the Epitouch Alexandrite and Medlite IV do not affect the skin, just the hair follicles.

Since these laser beams can attack more than one hair at a time, it is possible to treat large areas such as the back, shoulders, arms, legs, the fuzz on the upper lip, bikini line, armpits, abdomen, hands, breasts and face in less time.

What are the advantages of the Epitouch Alexandrite and Medlite IV technologies?

  • Does not require anesthesia.
  • Can treat large areas in a few minutes.
  • Any zone of the body can be treated.
  • A smooth skin can be achieved with a few sessions.
  • Generally, the effects last months or even years.
  • These two technologies can handle hair removal of any color.

How is the treatment?

First of all, a preliminary visit to the Clínica Robles Laser Center must be done to verify all the aspects of your case as well as to inform the patient about the method that will be used. The skin which will receive the treatment cannot be depilated, dyed, nor reddish or tanned because of the sun or tanning bed.

A cold gel will be applied on the area that will be treated. The length of each session will vary depending on the area that will be treated, though in only a few minutes a large area can be affected.

How many sessions are needed?

The number of sessions needed to achieve optimum and long lasting results will depend on the area treated, the type of skin and the part of the growth cycle. Your hair grows in cycles and many factors affect it.

What’s the post-treatment?

The patient may retake regular activities immediately. We recommend the use of sun block for several days after the procedure, and in some cases creams for the skin.