What are telangiectasias?

This is the permanent expansion of the skin vessels; consequently, when they are pressed, they do not disappear. They are seen as thin red paths, which frequently affect the cheeks and nose.

Generally, skin types I and II are the most affected (clear skins).

Are these an indication of a disease?

No. They are always associated with a dermatologic disease. Among them, the most usual pathology is the rosacea.

Which situations make them more visible?

Exposures to sun or heat, drinking alcoholic beverages or very hot food and emotional stress usually make them more notorious. They also increase during pregnancy or during long treatments with corticoids.

Which are the current solutions proposed by medicine?

Laser offers us the possibility of removing telangiectasias leaving minimal sequels on the skin, without altering a patient’s normal life. Telangiectasias are photocoagulated selectively with the laser diode, without damaging the adjacent skin.

Nevertheless, we must keep in mind that any treatment will heal any current lesions, though this will not prevent new ones. In order to optimize the results, you should also do dermatologic treatments to extend the healthy periods.