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Contact us and send us your photograph to evaluate if you fulfill the minimum requirements to undergo the procedure you want. We will get in touch with you and set up a personal appointment with Dr. Robles.

¿How do I take the photographs to send via e-mail?

If you have a digital camera, it certainly has the option of automatic shooting or auto-shoot autoshot icon. This feature allows the camera to take a photo with 10 second delay after pressing the button. So you can stand in front of the camera at the shot-time.

To begin, place the camera, for example. on a table. Make a first test to verify focus, distance and sharpness.

Press the auto-shoot button and position yourself in front of the camera, about 2 feet away. Note, that usually flashes-light indicating that the auto-shoot function is activated.

Once the camera took the picture, check that everything went well, but make adjustments.

Having found the ideal distance for the photos look good, you can make the other pictures without any problem to send them by e-mail.