How does an attractive nose look like?

It is very simple: it is a nose that harmonizes with the rest of your facial features, which results in an attractive and proportionate face.

If you notice that your nose contrasts with your facial features, you should consider rhinoplasty to improve the general nose shape, size and appearance.

Is this the ideal procedure for me?

Men and women can benefit from this procedure anytime during their lives, especially if:

  • The nose is too big for his/her face
  • The nasal septum subsides or protrudes in profile view
  • The nose is too wide in front view
  • The tip of the nose drops abruptly
  • The tip of the nose is large or too flat
  • The nostrils are very open or flared
  • The nose is not centered or it is crooked
  • Former lesions deformed the nose symmetry
  • An obstruction prevents breathing or speaking
  • Nasal sprays are frequently used to breathe better

First consultation

During physical examination, the plastic surgeon will examine the inner structure of your nose, checking the size of the passages that are frequently obstructed by the fibers that warm up and moisten the air that we breathe, which may be improved with a simple turbinectomy.

Septoplasty can correct a crooked septum that hinders breathing and does not permit to speak clearly.

Frequently, a more or less protruding chin will contribute to accentuate physical nasal defects that may be corrected with a plastic procedure.

What does the procedure consist in?

Rhinoplasty may be “closed” when the surgeon works within the nasal cavity, or “open” when a small incision is made in the vertical area that divides nostrils (columella).

Thus, the nose bone and cartilage structure is sculpted until the expected result is reached, and then it is covered with the skin previously removed.

The procedure is carried out in the operating rooms of our clinic, which have the latest instruments and equipment.

What does post-surgery consist in?

The patient is taken to the recovery room, and any discomfort is treated with medication.
A rigid protector is applied over the nose to protect it and to keep tissues in their right place until they become stabilized.

The patient must rest with its head up and its activities should be minimal. If you use glasses, you should stick them with adhesive tape to your temples to avoid resting them on your nose.

On the tenth day, the signs of surgery tend to disappear, you may use makeup again, the stitches and the protector will be taken off, and light tasks may be resumed.

After a few weeks, all signs of surgery will have disappeared. You may resume usual activities, sensibility will be regained, although not completely, and you may rest your glasses on the usual place.

What are the results?

It is normal to be anxious to check the final result while your new “look” is being adjusted, but with the lapse of time you will notice gradual improvements until the healing is complete.

Rhinoplasty has very lasting results and you will notice a brighter facial appearance and higher self-esteem.