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Terms of Use and Hiring

Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website

The terms and conditions below shall govern the use of this Internet site (hereinafter referred to as “Website”) that Aesthetic Up offers to all internet users. Your use of this Website implies your agreement to be bound to these Terms and Conditions, which must be read every time the Website is visited for the Website and/or these Terms and Conditions are subject to changes.

1. Information published in the Website

The purpose of the Website is to provide basic information about the various medical procedures and treatments; the information provided in the Website cannot be regarded as medical nor clinical advice.
The information regarding treatments and their results explained in the Website are completely based on the medical experience of our physicians and our professional, academic and scientific knowledge.
The data given in the Website does not guarantee the result of any procedure.

All the texts that appear in the Website are based on information provided by:
• The American Society of Plastic Surgeons
• The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
• The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
• The American Pregnancy Association

2. Intellectual property rights

All of the informative texts which concern treatments and institutional information are intellectual property of Aesthetic Up or third parties. That information cannot be reproduced, copied, linked, transmitted, distributed or used in any manner for any purpose whatsoever without the previous written authorization given by Aesthetic Up, always keeping the copyright intact at all times, as well as any other notice of intellectual property rights.
Any use or modifications made to the information with a different purpose than those established in these Terms and Conditions shall be regarded as a violation of International Copyright Laws protecting intellectual property rights.

3. Personal information

The user shall access the information provided in the Website without providing any personal information. Nevertheless, if the user makes a consult via e-mail, for which he or she must complete a form, the information contained in such form shall be included in a file, which may be used by Aesthetic Up. The purpose of such data is solely the creation of a business offer especially for the user by electronic channels.
Any personal data entered by the user in the form shall not be shared or distributed to third parties.
Information regarding different pages visited in the Website, navigation time or downloads may be anonymously obtained for statistical purposes only; such data will be used to improve the services.

4. Linked sites

The Website may include links to other websites. These links are provided for your convenience to provide further information. They do not signify that we endorse the website (s). Aesthetic Up holds no responsibility for the contents of the linked website (s).

5. Financing

Aesthetic Up is financed only by resources of Aesthetic Up Argentina. We do not hold advertising for third parties. The links or sole mention of trademarks is only to inform about the products and supplies we use to guarantee their quality.

6. Legislation

The Law of the Argentine Republic contemplates and regulates all relations established with users through our website.

7. Minors

Any person under the age of 18 must have the express consent of their parents, guardian or legal representative before submitting the personal data via the Website. Aesthetic Up shall assume the minor has authorization of their parents, guardian or legal representative if he/she accesses the Website.

8. Acceptance of terms and conditions of use of the website

The user accepts to use the Website and its services as provided by law and these Terms and Conditions, as well as the good customs, being liable against Aesthetic Up or a third party for damages that may be incurred as a consequence of failing to comply said obligations.

Terms and Conditions of the Service

1. Treatment application
Any application sent via our web site or requested by phone call is received by Aesthetic Up. Our advisors have been trained to answer basic questions regarding the procedures and terms of the service. Whenever a question arises that requires an answer from the physicians, the advisor will forward the question to the doctor and then the answers back to the patient.

2. Quotations
The quotation provided by Aesthetic Up at first is only an estimate. The final amount shall be confirmed by the advisors after several talks. The original estimate may be modified after the personal evaluation which is performed by the doctor once the patient is in Buenos Aires.
Any information exchange with the Aesthetic Up is free of charge and said exchanges of information do not represent any kind of agreement between the patient and Aesthetic Up.

3. Elements of the quotation
A quotation for the medical trip includes all of the doctor’s medical team fees, pre-surgical studies and hospitalization; while the assistant, transportation and accommodation are optional. The assistant and transportation services are to be used only with medical purposes.
The quotations never include airline tickets, medications not related to the treatment, any item not specified in it.

4. Conditions of the reservations, payments and quotation validity
After the medical package has been decided, the patient shall make a down payment of 40% of the total price by way of reservation.
The price provided in the quotation shall be valid for a term of 6 (six) months which begin the day the deposit is received. When the 6 (six) month term expires, the price of the quotation may be modified in accordance to the rates in effect at such time.
If a patient does not undergo the surgery during the 6 (six) month period aforementioned, the down payment made shall be considered in its absolute value, not its relative value to the total of the package.

5. Prior to the trip
The advisors shall plan the medical trip; they are in charge of asking for the medical record of the patient to evaluate if the patient is fit to undergo the treatment.
Any and all information provided by the patient shall be evaluated by Aesthetic Up’s doctors, who must accept to perform the treatment. Aesthetic Up holds the right to ask for additional information from the patient or their personal doctor.
The patient has the right to safeguard his or her identity and medical information. If it were the case, the patient must express this in written, so Aesthetic Up may instruct any means necessary for protecting such information.

6. Unforeseen complications
Should the medical studies show that the patient suffers from a pre-existing condition the patient was unaware of, Aesthetic Up will inform the patient of such condition and about the possible consequences for the patient’s health.
Aesthetic Up or any of the professionals involved will not perform any procedure that might have negative effects on the health of the patient.

7. Extension of the stay in Buenos Aires depending on the day of arrival
The amount of days provided by the advisors in a quote is always considering that all pre-operative tests and consultations and the treatment can be done in consecutive days. If that were not possible, the stay would have to be extended according to the following rules:
• Should the arrival be on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, the amount of days will not be modified.
• Should the arrival be on a Thursday before 9:00 AM, the amount of days will be increased by 2.
• Should the arrival be on a Thursday after 9:00 AM or Friday, the amount of days will be increased by 3.
• Should the arrival be on a Saturday, the amount of days will be extended by 2.
• Should the arrival be on a Sunday, the amount of days will be extended by 1.

8. Arrival
If the patient has decided to hire the assistant, he or she will receive the patient at the Ezeiza International Airport (EZE) and will escort the patient to the hotel. The patient will be given the schedule for the trip and some documentation regarding the procedure or procedures that will be done; the patient must sign these.
The assistants provided are not exclusive; they are assigned depending on their availability. This means that the assistant that receives a patient at the airport may not be the same one that escorts him or her to a consult.

9. First consult
Once the first consult is done, the date and time of the treatment will be set. Should it be necessary to perform additional procedures, the advisors will prepare a new quotation for the patient. Prior to the surgery, the patient will have to sign a document which states that the patient is fully aware of the risks the treatment imply and of the possible complications that may arise.

10. Follow-up
Once the treatment has been done, the patient will have to assist to appointments for the doctor to perform checkups; at the same time the doctor will inform the patient of any precautions that must be taken once he or she returns home.

11. Departure
If the patient has hired the assistant service, he or she will be escorted to the airport.

12. Trip cancellation before the traveling
The down payment will be reimbursed only if the cancellation is done up to thirty days after the payment has been received.

13. Transfer of payment to a third party
Should a patient cancel the trip after paying for it, he or she may transfer the amount of money to a third party. In order to do this, the patient must provide the recipient’s personal information and all the treatments that person wishes to undergo. The new patient shall be given a personalized quotation, and the money transferred shall be deducted from the total cost.

14. Aesthetic Up’s responsibility
Aesthetic Up, the clinics, the operating doctor and his or her staff assume full responsibility for the results of any treatment performed by them. Should there be any complication that is not related to a treatment performed by Aesthetic Up; Aesthetic Up, the clinics, the operating doctor nor his or her staff may be held responsible for it.
In some cases, there may be a difference of criteria regarding the results of a plastic surgery. The physician will always do his or her best to achieve the results that were accorded with the patient.

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