Body Lift

What is a body lift?

A body lift is a surgical procedure aimed at correcting the excess of skin and the irregular shape of the abdominal area (including the sides and back), gluteus (which may look hanging or with an unwanted look), groin, thighs (inner or outer part, or even both) and arms.

This procedure improves the shape and tonicity of the underlying tissues that serves as support of the skin and fat. The excess of skin and fat is removed to improve the conditions that appear due to a poor elasticity of the tissues. Because of this, the treatment may improve the way a skin with cellulites looks.
The body lift is not the specific treatment used to remove excess skin. Liposuction can do that if the skin has a good elasticity and may get used to the new shape of the body. When the elasticity of the skin is poor, the lifting will be advised in addition to the liposuction.


Am I a good candidate?

This is an appropriate procedure for people with a steady and reasonable weight for their height and body build. The best candidates are those people who have realistic goals and wishes to improve their body shape, with good health and who do not have any kind of disease that may compromise their lives or the healing process. It is also very important that the patients do not smoke.

What does the surgery consist of?

After the initial consult with Dr. Robles, and once you have authorized the surgery, you will be ready to go into the operating room. Dr. Robles will mark the areas of your body where he will perform the incisions. After that, he will take some pictures to be able to compare the results after the surgery.

After finishing this step, you will be sedated and anesthetized.

The surgery will be specifically designed for you, according to the regions that need to be treated. The body lift reduces the excessive amount of skin and gives a new shape to the areas treated. The type of incision will vary according the extent of the surgery, the patient’s body and any specifications that Dr. Robles decides.

One of the most common techniques for the body lift of the lower parts of the body uses incisions similar to those of the bikini pattern. In this way, the abdomen, waist, thighs and gluteus will be stretched. A circumferential incision around the body will remove the excess of fat and skin, and will reposition and stretch the tissues. A mix of liposuction and surgical body lifting will be needed to achieve a better shape of your body. The stitches which are supported internally with the underlying tissues will aid in giving your body its new shape. The incisions will be closed with stitches, skin adhesive, or clips.

If done in your arms, this procedure will improve the shape of them through incisions in the lower area of the arms.

The new shape of your body will be seen almost immediately after the surgery. Even though you will have bruises and swelling on the area. The quality of the skin will be improved drastically. Even though the incision lines will be permanent they can be easily hidden by the natural folds of the body.

How is the recovery of the surgery?

Once the procedure is finished, you will be put bandages and compressing bands in the areas treated. With this, the swelling will be reduced and it will contain the new shape of your body until it is stronger.

Initial healing will include swelling on the incision area, a discomfort feeling and other ailments which will be easily solved with cold compresses and medication prescribed by Dr. Robles. He will also recommend certain cares and sleeping postures to avoid harming any internal stitches.

The healing process will take between 7 and 15 days. At that moment, the stitches will be removed if necessary. You will be ready to go back to work, if your job doesn’t imply any extreme efforts.

Healing will continue for several weeks as the swelling wears off and the incision lines improve. It will be vital that you protect yourself of the sun and that you go to every control the doctor schedules until he tells you otherwise.

What are the risks?

The risks associated to this type of surgery are related to infections, fluid accumulation, poor or anomalous healing, skin loss, very protuberant scars, changes in skin sensitivity or asymmetries on the body shape. On top of these, there is always some risk when working with anesthetics.

How long do the results last?

The results will be visible almost immediately, even though it may take several months until the final results are seen. The hardness feeling on the area operated will wear off with time. Scars will diminish their size in approximately a year, and even though they are permanent, Dr. Robles, will see that the incisions are hidden by the natural shape of the body.

What do I need to get the surgery done?

After all the details have been confirmed with Dr. Robles, you will be given some documents related to the procedure. There, you will find the informed consent for the surgery, which is a written statement that you’ve been fully informed of the surgery you are about to be practiced, as well as the risks involved. You will also be given a sworn statement of your medical history. Both must be read and filled when they are given to you, however you’ll sign them the day of the surgery on Clínica Robles.

In order to assure your safety and to be certain that the surgery will go without any complications, Dr. Robles will perform some routine pre-surgical tests, including blood tests, ECG, surgical risk tests, and whenever necessary an ultrasound scan.

It is of the utmost importance that you have all of the medication and other elements that Dr. Robles had asked you in previous consults. A fast recovery will depend on that. Medication varies according to the type of treatment or your medical history. This is why that information must be the trustworthy.