Breast Implants – Augmentation Mammaplasty

What is an augmentation mammaplasty?

The Breast Augmentation is the placing of mammary implants in order to increase the size of the breasts, as well as achieving a symmetrical appearance of the chest. This is a procedure aimed at enlarging breasts that are naturally small, regain the volume lost after pregnancy or an excessive weight loss or get a better proportioned body and shape.

Still mammaplasty does not correct the position of the breast. In those cases in which the patient wishes to raise its breasts, a breast lift will also be needed.
A permanent breast augmentation can only be achieved with a surgical procedure. There are no medical treatments that have the efficacy of the augmentation mammaplasty or its satisfaction rate.


Am I a good candidate?

Good candidates are those women that are motivated by their personal wishes since this is the key factor that will make them feel satisfied with the results of the surgery. They must be in good health and cannot have any disease that may interfere with their healing process o risk their lives. It is preferable if they do not smoke and they have to be convinced that they want to improve their looks.

Are there other options?

There is no alternative treatment. Fat grafting or adipose tissue are not suitable for it, and the scientific research regarding that is very little.

What does the surgery consist of?

Once you’ve been through all the consults with Dr. Robles and arranged the kind, size and technique to put the implant, you will be ready to go into the operating room. On the day of the surgery, Dr. Robles will mark the areas he will treat in order to limit his work area, and he will take some pictures of those areas to measure the results. After this, the assisting team will sedate you and then they will locally anesthetize you in order to proceed with the surgery. Mammaplasty needs a cohesive gel implant in order to augment and “highlight” the breast according to the desired results.

The most common incisions done are the “underbreast”, “underarm” and “periareolar”. Incision patterns will depend on the kind of implant, the target size, the patient’s body and the doctor’s decision. Through the incision, the doctor will create a “pocket” whether behind the breast tissue, under the pectoral muscle, or the chest wall. The implant will be placed inside that pocket and the incision will be closed with non-removable or self absorbing stitches in the breast tissue, and adhesive stitches for the skin or taped shut.

The results of the breast augmentation will be visible immediately. As time goes by, the post-operation swelling and the incision marks will wear off. Your satisfaction will increase as the healing process takes place.

How is the recovery from the surgery?

When the procedure is completed, the doctor will place bandages over the incisions and you will need to use a compressing bra to reduce the swelling and to support the breasts as the healing occurs.

During the initial healing there will be swelling and inflammation in the area, as well as a discomfort feeling on the incision lines. All of these are normal symptoms which are easily manageable with the medication Dr. Robles will prescribe. The bra must be used for the following weeks until indicated otherwise. It is of vital importance that the incision areas are kept clean. After 5 to 10 days, some of the stitches will be removed, at that moment you will be able to take up your work as long as it doesn’t imply much effort. Anyway, the healing will continue for several more weeks, as the implant amalgamates with your body and the incision lines improve, even though these are permanent.

What are the risks?

The possible risks of this surgery are related with bleeding, infection, poor or anomalous healing, change of sensitivity or capsular contracture. Apart from these risks which are easily avoidable by following Dr. Robles’ indications, there are risks related to the use of anesthesia.

How long will the results last?

The results of the surgery are visible immediately, though final results will be seen a few weeks after the surgery. Within a year, the incision lines will be practically invisible.

Even though the results are permanent, time, hormonal factors and weight variations may affect the results.

What do I need to get the surgery done?

After all the details have been confirmed with Dr. Robles, you will be given some documents related to the procedure. There, you will find the informed consent for the surgery, which is a written statement that you’ve been fully informed of the surgery you are about to be practiced, as well as the risks involved. You will also be given a sworn statement of your medical history. Both must be read and filled when they are given to you, however you’ll sign them the day of the surgery on Clínica Robles.

In order to assure your safety and to be certain that the surgery will go without any complications, Dr. Robles will perform some routine pre-surgical tests, including blood tests, ECG, surgical risk tests, and whenever necessary an ultrasound scan.

It is of the utmost importance that you have all of the medication and other elements that Dr. Robles had asked you in previous consults. A fast recovery will depend on that. Medication varies according to the type of treatment or your medical history. This is why that information must be the trustworthy.