Brow Lift – Forehead Surgery

What is a brow lift?

This is a surgical procedure aimed at improving the looks of the area between the upper eyelids and the forehead. This procedure improves the displacement or fall of the eyebrows and minimizes the appearance of lines and folds on the forehead. These conditions may be caused by aging or due to a hereditary predisposition.

In some cases, the repetition of facial expressions may create contractions of the underlying muscles that may later turn into deep wrinkles. Brow lift reduces these wrinkles and other signs of aging both in the forehead and the eyebrows giving you a more relaxed and young appearance. It can also minimize the lines generated on the forehead or between the eyes; furthermore, this could even improve crow’s feet and reposition the eyebrows highlighting them.

This surgery may be performed through several little incisions hidden under the eyebrows, or behind the shape of the upper eyelids. The results obtained may be improved with laser therapy or chemical peeling that will improve skin tone and appearance. An eyebrow lift may be done on its own or together with other procedures such as a face lift or a blepharoplasty.

Am I a good candidate for the surgery?

The best candidates are adults that have their facial muscles in good condition and realistic goals to improve their looks. It is mandatory to be in good health, that is to say that they cannot have any disease that may endanger the healing process or risk the life of the patient. Patients should be non-smokers.

What does the surgery consist of?

After you’ve had your consult with Dr. Robles and he has decided that the surgery is convenient for you, you will be ready to go into the operating room. Once in there, the doctor will mark the areas that will be treated and take pictures of them, in order to compare the results of the surgery. Once these steps are completed, you will be sedated and anesthetized in order to start the surgery.

Brow lift is usually done using an endoscope and special tools through small incisions done on the forehead. This allows the tissue and muscles to be repositioned, altered or removed correcting the source of the wrinkles and visible folds on the forehead. In this case, using a laser will be extremely helpful to improve skin tone and appearance.

Correcting the low position of the eyebrows may be done with or without an endoscope through incisions on the sides of the face and forehead. This technique must be done along with incisions hidden on the natural shape of the eyelids or over the nasal bridge. The incision lines for this surgery will be hidden by the natural shape of the body.

Are there other alternatives?

One of the options would be Botulinum toxin; by injecting this substance, it is possible to temporarily raise the skin, though this treatment will be effective only for a couple months.

How is the recovery of the surgery?

Once the surgery is completed, the wounds are cleaned and you will be bandaged to minimize the swelling and speed the healing process up. Recovery will include swelling or hematomas in the area as well as a discomfort feeling especially in the incision area. These are all regular signs, which can be treated with medication prescribed by Dr. Robles. Some facial movements will be restricted because of the stitches and usual discomfort because of the surgery, but this is completely temporary.

Initial healing of the incisions will take between 5 and 10 days, at this point the stitches will be removed if needed. After this you will be able to go back to your job, as long as it doesn’t imply much effort. Some of the hematomas or bruises will still be visible, but they will be easily hidden with makeup.

The healing process will continue for several weeks as the swelling wears off and the incision lines fade. You must always use sun block during this first stage of healing. By following all of these instructions and going to all of the check ups with Dr. Robles you will achieve a quick recovery and the results you wanted.

Which are the risks of the surgery?

The risks associated to this procedure are infections, bleeding, hematomas, blood clots, facial asymmetries, hair loss in the areas treated, irregular healing and the risks related to using anesthetics.

What do I need to get the surgery done?

After all the details have been confirmed with Dr. Robles, you will be given some documents related to the procedure. There, you will find the informed consent for the surgery, which is a written statement that you’ve been fully informed of the surgery you are about to be practiced, as well as the risks involved. You will also be given a sworn statement of your medical history. Both must be read and filled when they are given to you, however you’ll sign them the day of the surgery on Clínica Robles.

In order to assure your safety and to be certain that the surgery will go without any complications, Dr. Robles will perform some routine pre-surgical tests, including blood tests, ECG, surgical risk tests, and whenever necessary an ultrasound scan.

It is of the utmost importance that you have all of the medication and other elements that Dr. Robles had asked you in previous consults. A fast recovery will depend on that. Medication varies according to the type of treatment or your medical history. This is why that information must be the trustworthy.