Calf Implants – Calf Augmentation

What is a calf implant?

Lots of people find it difficult to improve this area of the body with workout. Even when they train, their legs seem thin and without a good shape. In some other cases, a disease may have deteriorated the calves. In these cases, the implant is an alternative to improve the shape and volume of the area.

Implants are made in various sizes and shape, Dr. Robles will help you decide which is the most convenient for your case.

What does the surgery consist of?

After Dr. Robles has approved the surgery and you are healthy you will be able to go into the operating room. Once in there, Dr. Robles will mark the areas where he will perform the incisions and take pictures to compare the results of the surgery.

After that, you will be anesthetized to begin the surgery. An incision will be made on the back part of the knee. Through this incision, the implant will be placed under the muscle or fascia. After this is done, Dr. Robles will stitch the incision. Even though the scar will be permanent, it will be easily hidden by the folds of the body and the will fade in time.

How is the recovery?

Immediately after the surgery, the incisions will be cleaned as well as compressing bands on the treated areas. During the initial healing, the area will be swollen and you will feel discomfort due to the incisions. All of this is normal for a surgery and will be controlled with medication. You will have to apply ice to the area as well as clean the wounds to avoid infections.

Initially, you will feel discomfort in your calves when you walk, but this will disappear with time. Once the stitches are removed, you will be able to go back to regular activities. In any case, you should avoid any excessive efforts for six weeks.

Are there other options?

There are no procedures that replace this one.

Am I a good candidate?

The best candidates are those people who wish to have larger and more defined muscles, as long as they have realistic expectations. It is vital that the patient is in good health and without any disease that may risk their health during the surgery or complicate the healing process.

Which are the risks?

The risks related to this surgery are infections, bleeding, weakening of the muscle because of the implant, as well as the risks related to the use of anesthetics.

How long do the results last?

Usually, the results of this surgery are long lasting. Anyway, some conditions related to anomalous blood flow or aging may cause the implants to displace. In some cases, the implant may have to be removed.

What do I need to get the surgery done?

After all the details have been confirmed with Dr. Robles, you will be given some documents related to the procedure. There, you will find the informed consent for the surgery, which is a written statement that you’ve been fully informed of the surgery you are about to be practiced, as well as the risks involved. You will also be given a sworn statement of your medical history. Both must be read and filled when they are given to you, however you’ll sign them the day of the surgery on Clínica Robles.

In order to assure your safety and to be certain that the surgery will go without any complications, Dr. Robles will perform some routine pre-surgical tests, including blood tests, ECG, surgical risk tests, and whenever necessary an ultrasound scan.

It is of the utmost importance that you have all of the medication and other elements that Dr. Robles had asked you in previous consults. A fast recovery will depend on that. Medication varies according to the type of treatment or your medical history. This is why that information must be the trustworthy.