Chemical Peeling

What is a peeling?

This treatment is done by applying on the skin a solution that removes dead cells and fosters the production of new ones. This generates a controlled desquamation of the altered skin cells, achieving a more juvenile look and reducing small wrinkles.

Am I a good candidate?

Dr. Robles will evaluate your skin and pigmentation as well as your medical records. Since this is a simple treatment unless you have a serious condition, you will be able to undergo the treatment.

What does the treatment consist of?

This type of procedure can be done in the face, neck, chest and legs, with different graduations. The specific kind and depth of the treatment will depend on what Dr. Robles considers best.

There are several substances that may be used; some of them are glycolic acid, Jessner solution, TCA or Phenol acid.

After applying the solution you will feel a warmth sensation and itch on your skin, these will last for 10 minutes. If the treatment is very deep, it may be necessary to apply a local anesthetic. Otherwise, the treatment will not need any kind of sedation.

How is the recovery?

The recovery time will depend on how deep the peeling is done. When the peeling is minimal, you will only have a flush in the area and a minor desquamation. If the procedure needed a highly concentrated solution, you may have blisters in addition to the flushing. Desquamation lasts for approximately one and two weeks. After that, you will have to use ointments or gels indicated by Dr. Robles to keep the area moistured.

After the second week you will be able to use makeup and you will note your skin tighter, smooth and younger. It is very important that you avoid exposing to the sun and that you use sun block permanently.

Are there any risks?

The risks associated to this treatment are those related with burns in the area where the solution was applied.

How long do the results last?

Even though the chemical peeling improves lots of skin problems it is not a substitute for a face lift. It won’t remove hanging skin or flaps. This will, however reduce spots, little wrinkles or skin defects. Treatments have to be repeated to maintain the results obtained according to Dr. Robles instructions.

What do I need to get the procedure done?

During the consults previous to the treatment, Dr. Robles will tell you how much your skin will improve with the treatment. He will also check the type and pigmentation of your skin to decide the extent of the peeling.

It will be vital that you tell Dr. Robles of any viral infection, sun sensitivity, or any treatment you have undergone during the last 6 months to achieve a complete success.