Mesotherapy – Lipodissolve

What is a Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a technique that treats the affected areas by microinjecting medicaments, vitamins and minerals in the shallow layers of the skin. Mesotherapy gives the possibility of injecting these directly on the affected tissue, which avoids the medicine from diluting on adjacent tissue. This technique allows the treatment of cellulites, removal of accumulated fat, body shape asymmetries, reduce alopecia, etc.

The treatment is usually done to treat cellulites, infiltrating a series of medicines that act on the disease.

Am I a good candidate?

Those people who have realistic and concrete goals to improve their appearance are good candidates. At the same time, it is convenient to carry on a healthy life with a balanced diet and complemented with an appropriate workout routine to achieve quicker results.

How is the procedure done?

After the consult with Dr. Robles, he will perform the procedure. The area will be cleaned up and then the substance will be infiltrated. After the treatment is done, the doctor will apply cold compresses to avoid inflammation or excessive flushing.

The mix of medications used in mesotherapy dissolves the fat located below the tissue and reduces the amount of deep fat. Once the fat is dissolved, it is absorbed by the blood and transported to the kidneys for it to be evacuated.

The size of the area to infiltrate depends on the results that are being looked for and the evaluation done by Dr. Robles.

Are there other options?

And alternative to this treatment is Endermologie. It is also possible to do an ultrasonic liposuction or hydrolipo, though these two are more drastic and require a recovery that is not needed with mesotherapy.

How is the recovery?

Once the treatment is concluded, you may feel a discomfort in the area and a minimal bleed. It is possible that a few days after the treatment some bruises come up, which is completely normal. If that is the case, they will disappear within 10 to 15 days.

You should apply ice to the area, after the session is completed. You will be able to return to your regular activities immediately after the infiltration.

Which are the risks?

The side effects are very limited since the mesotherapy act directly to the area affected by the disease. This reduces the possibility of a complication is very low and the amount of medication is very little. It is common that bruises appear.

There is a minimal chance that the skin shows an irregular shape.

How long do the results last?

The extent of the results will depend on the area treated and the particular conditions of each patient. Some patients will see the results after three sessions while others will see them after five to seven sessions. Weight loss will happen gradually.

It is necessary to understand that this treatment does not replace a balanced diet or a proper workout. This is why you should adopt these habits and repeat the sessions when Dr. Robles thinks it is convenient.

What do I need to get the treatment done?

Since this is a non surgical procedure, it won’t be necessary to do any preparations before doing the procedure. Dr. Robles will indicate if he thinks any study is needed during the consult.