Sclerotherapy – Varicose Veins – Spider Veins

What is Sclerotherapy?

Telangiectatics are veins that appear as if they were little spiders. These small purple vessels, as the varicose veins which are bluish and painful, usually appear in women’s thighs and legs. The condition is usually hereditary. Since these vessels are not part of the blood circuit, they can be permanently removed with this treatment.

What does the procedure consist of?

Before starting with the treatment, the area must be perfectly clean; once this is done, the doctor will mark the veins that will be treated (starting with the larger ones). Using an extremely small needle attached to a syringe, the doctor will inject the veins with a sclerosing solution.

Even though it is feasible that this generates a small rash in the area, the needle is immediately removed and causes no pain to the patient. In some specific cases, the doctor may have to inject a vein more than once.

Am I a good candidate for the procedure?

Dr. Robles will asses your vascular condition and will investigate your medical records. If the veins are not altered and the doctor thinks you are in good health conditions, you will have no problems undergoing this minimally invasive treatment.

How is the recovery?

Once the session finishes, the doctor will recommend that you use a compressing band in the area to avoid hematomas and to keep pressing the treated area. It is very likely that the legs present a brownish pigmentation for 6 to 8 weeks. The extent of this will change depending on the size of the veins treated.
You will be able to go back to your regular activities immediately, but you will have to avoid doing too much effort during the first 24 hours. It is also advisable that you go walking to increase the blood flow.

Are there any alternative options?

There are laser treatments for the removal of red colored telangiectatics.

How long do the results last?

You must take into account that it is not possible to completely correct the area in just one session. Several sessions will be needed depending of the patient and its specific condition. Even if the treatment is successful immediately, these veins may reappear and a new treatment will be needed. Sessions can be done every three weeks, but it will be Dr. Robles who will decide the periodicity.

Are there any risks?

The risks of this treatment are hyper-pigmentation or small ulcers that will quickly be healed with ointments or other instructions given by Dr. Robles.

What do I need to do the procedure?

Dr. Robles will perform a medical evaluation, he will take into account your medical records and how serious is your vascular problem. He will tailor the procedure according to these factors.