Tummy Tuck

Enjoy a flat and firm stomach

A flat and firm stomach is one of the main aspects that give a good appearance. When diets and abdominal exercise aren’t enough to achieve the results you are looking for an abdomen surgery (tummy tuck) may be the solution.

An abdomen dermolipectomy or tummy tuck eliminates excess skin and fat. It is the ideal plastic surgery that, when done together with stretching and joining muscles located in the abdominal wall, result in a firm and flat stomach.

Is this the ideal procedure for me?

The abdomen reduction surgery is the most appropriate if you have an excess of skin and fat in the abdominal area which cannot be corrected with diets or workout. There’s another advantage for those women who’ve had a cesarean, the incisions of the tummy tuck can be hidden with the cesarean scars.

Are there other options?

The first alternative to a tummy tuck is an ultrasonic liposuction, which has had excellent results in hundreds of patients at Clínica Robles. The liposuction is recommended for women who are planning to have children in the future.

How is the procedure?

The surgeon performs a horizontal incision through which he will remove excess fat and skin. He will also stretch and unite the muscles of the abdominal wall. In a woman, the incision will follow the bikini line.

The abdomen reduction surgery or abdominoplasty is done in one of the operating rooms at Clínica Robles. The patient is admitted during the morning, and then he or she is sedated mildly and anesthetized locally. This is done to prevent movement during the surgery. It is also possible to use general anesthesia which would allow the patient to sleep through the entire operation.

Once the abdomen reduction surgery or abdominoplasty is completed, the patient is taken to the recovery room. The abdominal area will be bandaged and covered with binders. Any usual discomfort will be treated with medication.

An easy recovery

Even though every patient has a different recovery period, we can safely say that the lines and stitches will be removed within 7 to 10 days from the abdomen reduction surgery or abdominoplasty. During the following weeks, you will be able to quit using the abdominal binders, and gradually increase your regular activities and exercises.

Normally, you’ll be able to go back to work three weeks after the abdomen reduction surgery or abdominoplasty is done, as long as it doesn’t require performing straining tasks. From the second month onwards, you’ll see the final results when the incision begins to disappear gradually.

You must look after the treated area very carefully, avoiding exposure to heat, sunlight and/or UV lamps.

How are the results?

The results of an abdominoplasty or abdomen reduction surgery are long lasting. And as long as the patient doesn’t gain nor lose weight dramatically, the new figure will be there for many years.